About Laurel

Here’s the short version: I have a wealth of experience and training on top of a bunch of education and life experiences. I’ve worked with two of the top five brands in the world as well as with small mom-and-pop start-ups as well as individuals. I enjoy interacting with people, and supporting them in getting to where they want themselves or their company/organization to be.  I support people in finding their own voice; I won’t make decisions for you.   I’m blessed in that I can interact in many fields and in many capacities.

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This provides more detail; you may find by reading this if we’re a fit or not: I’ve been fortunate in life in that I’ve had a wealth of life experiences and that in terms of work, I’ve primarily done what I enjoy even if the working environment was not ideal.

I’ve often been the person people come to for support and/or direction. While some can find my background a bit intimidating; I’m one of the most down-to-earth and approachable people. A lot of that is the influence of my dad.  Over the years, in some form or another … my “work” has involved client management.  It’s always a fascinating relationship and interaction.  Many I am still in touch with, years or even decades later.

“There are no business relationships; there are personal relationships which involve business”

This is what I was told by Tom Ross, an Account Director who was also my mentor and had recruited me to the top ten advertising agency I worked for during most of the 80s.  That resonated with me on many levels as my dad was a 24-year Navy career man; retiring when I was five.  I grew up with an extended family of Naval officers and their families as my “aunts” and “uncles”.  My mother was a broker in real estate in Northern California, many of my “aunts” worked with mom as well as many of her clients became long-term friends.

For those who choose to partner with me for their own self or project development, you’ll find I will interact with you in a way that is personal.   It’s natural for me to interact with those I’m doing business with as friends.  Sometimes that means we bump into each other, metaphorically. It’s all just part of relating.  In reality, whether we acknowledge this dynamic or not, we are all always ‘inter-relating” with someone on a personal level, as we bring our own personalities and issues to what we do.  It’s impossible to not bring our own self; I find it fascinating that people talk as if it’s all separate.

In college, decades ago, I had planned to study accounting as I enjoyed that in high school.  I still remember my first marketing class and the wonder I felt when I realized I could do what came naturally to me, I loved doing, and getting paid for it. What I’ve come to realize over the many years is that what I enjoy and am skilled at is facilitating change … whether it’s working one-on-one on a personal level or developing a program or conducting a strategic analysis for a major corporation.

Over the years, based on my own life situations and experiences, my skillset and interests have evolved to include strategic development, website development, coaching, energy work; plus, I’m what I’ve come to term, a “connector“.  My entire life I seem to have this ability to connect people who may benefit from the connection, in either business and/or personal ways.  Of course, that’s not the type of thing one can usually financially benefit from, unless perhaps it’s in “matchmaking”; and that I don’t do.

What I’ve found over the years is that I have a gift of making what I do look “simple”.  That seems to leave people with the impression that there isn’t much value because, “if it’s simple, how can it be worth anything”.   Or if it’s “simple”, then why would someone have to pay a commensurate value?  That is a dynamic I am using Trinity Energy Progression™ to shift within myself and those who choose to hire me.  I mean, who really wants to live with that belief?  I don’t.

What We Do” is how I pay for my own bills as well as help others as I do, particularly in animal rescue and friends.  In almost all instances, I am looking to receive some monetary compensation.  I am open to some trading and/or bartering (including a multi-person trade that benefits all); the offer needs to be something which I (or family or a friend) can benefit from as well as is timely and happens with grace and ease.  Yet if I can’t pay for my own bills; then well, I really wouldn’t be much of an example of living a life filled with grace and ease, would I?

The other thing I have clarity about is working with someone, whether on a personal or corporate level, who shares similar values and a way of being.  Life and “work” is just so much more enjoyable, for all involved.   One element of that is I don’t hold the views and energy of  “work” as most of us are traditionally raised to believe and live.  If I find myself internally feeling that kind of energy, I stop what I’m doing, check in with myself, and clear whatever old way of being is coming up.

I prefer to co-create with you from a place of grace, ease, peace, fun, joy, and bliss.  Even when recognizing that often in the creative process, a stage of “chaos” exists.   I like this quote as to me, “chaos” is just another part of the fun:

“Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.”
                             ~ Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

If you’d like to come play and co-create together, you want a guide and/or companion on your journey, let me know and I’d be happy to talk and find out how we feel in creating together.